Blank Cable Labels (small size) - 24 pack in one colour

Image of <strong>Blank Cable Labels (small size)</strong> - 24 pack in one colour

Stick'nGo® BLANK SMALL (network) cable labels attach to your thin device cables & straps. The product photos show how you can use our labels to identify your gear & gadgets for peace of mind. Literally 101 uses for our Labels.

* This pack contains 24 blank labels. Available in four bright colours for each family member. Choose your favourite colour so your cables (finally) don't get pinched by other family members!

* Labels feature our innovative and protected 'wrap around & lock-on design', so they won't come off!

* Labels are printed on a flexible hi-tech material which is resistant to tearing, heat, water, chemicals and solvents.

* Note: the product photos show both the standard size (large) and the small size (network) cable labels so you can compare the two sizes available.


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