Carabiner Clip I.D. Twin-Pack - Instant clip-on I.D. for anything!

Image of <strong>Carabiner Clip I.D. Twin-Pack</strong> - Instant clip-on I.D. for anything!

Stickngo Carabiner Clip I.D. provides INSTANT I.D. for your gear & gadgets.

* 2 Clip I.D. in every pack, in the same colour. Select from our 4 signature colours. Protects expensive items and electronic devices in an instant; real convenience when you're on the go!

* Our Carabiner Clip I.D. attach to anything ... backpacks, laptop bags, handbags, school bags, kid's lunch boxes, water bottles, duty-free bags, headphone bags, etc. Literally hundreds of uses!

* Keep Clip I.D. in your kitchen drawer so you have instant and secure identification labels whenever you need them. Select a different colour for each family member. A great Christmas or Birthday Gift idea.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER. You may also like our colourful BAG TAGS , to identify your luggage on the airport carousel for a quick getaway! Keep spares in your travel wallet for I.D. on the go.