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Kids' School Name Label I.D. Pack - 25 items to protect Gear & Gadgets. *FREE SHIPPING*

Image of Kids' School Name Label I.D. Pack - 25 items to protect Gear & Gadgets. *FREE SHIPPING*

Now is the time to label and protect all of your kids' devices for when they go back to school. The Stick'nGo® Essential School I.D. Pack combines all of our unique Device I.D. products in one convenient premium pack, for instant identification of kid's gear and gadgets. Select from 4 vibrant colours. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN AUSTRALIA.

This unique pack includes the following:

* 12 x Stick'nGo Cable Labels - 4 large Cable Labels and 8 small Cable Labels in our unique label material. No more family confusion with charger cables.

* 1 Artline® 0.1mm fine-tip Pigment Pen for clear, precise, smudge-proof and waterproof writing on our Labels.

* 2 x Stick'nGo Bag Tags with 'Lost Bag' information and 5 contact phone numbers. Gives you peace of mind knowing that your child's expensive electronic gadgets may be returned if lost or left behind on school excursions.

* 2 x Stick'nGo Carabiner Clip I.D. for instant I.D. on the go. Keep spares in the kitchen drawer. Our Clip Labels attach to anything; backpacks, school bags etc!

* 4 x Cable Straps to keep device cables tidy and organised - no tangled mess or cable confusion - a joy when travelling.

* 4 x Wrist Strap I.D. - one with a Key Ring. Refer to above photos for 101 uses of our colourful I.D. wrist straps.


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